Whenever you feel like remembering the times spent with your best friends, you can try one of these:

1) Have some “chaat” at the roadside.
2) Switch off the lights and watch some movie on your laptop.
3) Before falling asleep, give a try to talk about something.
4) Have some “maggi”.
5) Recall your worst time.
6) Recall your best time.
7) Browse through your mark-sheets.
8) Flip through the last pages of your old note-books.
9) Just look at the emptiness at your right and at your left.
10) Visit some mall, alone.
11) Visit some historical place.
12) Go for shopping.
13) Go for a bike ride.
14) Roam around in some local bus.
15) Go to a restaurant for a meal or just for a tea.
16) Think of discussing about your dream girl /boy.
17) Visit some park.
18) Start planning your career.
19) Do anything mischievous.
20) Walk towards anywhere your legs take you.
21) Just contemplate about the distinguished selves of yours.

They will certainly make you feel very alone. Well, this is what is the motive. Some people are so special in your life that the best way to remember them is missing them. 🙂 🙂