Very often I find people saying “He/She is just a friend”. It makes me retort saying that a friend cannot be  “just a friend”. This is because we don’t actually understand what it is and takes to be a friend and keep it mixing with the phenomenon of knowing people. We must realize that there is a huge gap between friendship and knowingness. The concept of relationships is like a layered structure. When a person enters your life, it is the lowest level of knowingness which gradually develops with the course of time. Levels go up and reach the fine line of  intimacy beyond which there keeps glowing with its full intensity and highly adorable virtues the beautiful FRIENDSHIP.. 🙂  But most of us do not or rather do not want to realize this basic linguistic fact that if we pay respect to someone, we address him/her as brother/sister. This is just to reflect a gesture of our sense of respect to that person which never means that we count him/her in our family and this is quite understandable.

On the contrary, When it comes to the word friend, we become totally ignorant of this very fact that we have to call all our known ones as friends just to respect them or to make them feel important which does not actually make them our friends. We must remember that this is a mere linguistic gesticulation of conveying somebody that he/she is important at that particular moment. Relationships have different designations and friendship is one of those which could be attained after so many promotions. This is a common practice to address people with the words that show closeness to some levels up they are standing. A crowd is never a friend. Dictionaries have distinguished words for those distinct relationships. Friendship has its own heights and depths.

Thoughts flooding through my mind. Feelings make us write less. Can’t write what and what I wanted to. So just these few lines today :
Friendship and friend are not just nouns. They carry a sense of adjectives and adverbs. They provide a diet to the soul. They nourish our persona. They qualify us to be called a social species. They glorify our aura. They make our entity complete. They never betray. They establish the greatest principles of devotion and sacrifice. They are to be felt and practiced. They let a being be its being.

Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day!!
🙂 🙂 🙂