It sounds good to my eardrums when I say to myself that I am going to blog again. To delete five distinguished blogs after getting them hacked was, really, not this good to me. Well, why to think of the dinner that tasted so bad? Let us move ahead. And so, I am here again, with a fresh air inside my lungs. Oh! I just exhaled. 😦 😛 😀 😦

Anyways, no roaming in the streets of past any more. I left blogger after having a great dissatisfaction and a very bitter experience in blogging, I was in no mood to blog again. But there were two factors that brought me back to this amazing world of expression. First, writing is an addiction to me. Though I do not prefer to post my poetic compositions here now, yet I just cannot resist to express myself to the world when I am provided with this wonderful tool of internet. Second, I wanted an option to the blogger and I got to the wordpress which I found to be more prestigious as well. Therefore it was becoming tougher for me to keep away from blogging.

I feel that a blog is turning out to be a very interactive tool to find like minded peoples and individuals round the globe. It has evolved as a substitute to the traditional combination of a paper and a pen or a book and its feedback. Moreover, its very quick to have an exchange of ideas in a creative and productive manner when one begins to familiarize with it. Writing makes me enjoy. Language makes me enjoy. And, blogging makes me feel this joy as I can know here the way I am read.

I remember my school days when my linguistic skills were praised. But now everyone tells to get professional and the definition varies from person to person. Here, people know different languages as they know the different ways to behave diplomatically. The pride of linguistics, here, lies in pronouncing oh as owh only. I am, now, told that language is nothing but a mere tool to convey ourselves to others. But, the form of a language I am familiar with is that of a life style. I respect the linguistics this way. I consider it the best form of science man has ever discovered. Languages define the style statements of their respective civilizations. They produce and continue to reproduce the generations of cultures and societies they belong to. The beauty of a language must be taken care of as that of an infant. We must understand that language destroys who try to destroy it as the definition and explanation of this very noun is not confined to the vibrations of sounds that are generated by our vocal cords only. Instead, it includes the record of every second of our daily routine life. And thus, it has the power to carry us where we may or may not want. It can encode and decode our personalities as well; hence proving that language is modem.

Its almost more than an hour since I started. I am happy again. Thank you WordPress.

Heya! I inhaled again…!!

🙂 🙂