How Creating a Good Working Culture is Important for Startups

A good office culture goes beyond the conventional organizational structure. And in startups, it plays a prominent role for it establishes the baselines for the working style and ethics within the organization. It has a significant influence on the attitudes and behaviours of organizational members. Let us briefly discuss what a work culture is about.

  • What is Work Culture?

In simple words, a work culture is how things are done within the organization. It is a set of characteristics that an organization values and that distinguishes it from other organizations. It provides the organization and its members with directions to move forward and the keys to stability. It is about how individuals, as employees, perceive working together in the organization. Being a startup, it becomes more important to establish a healthy working culture as it makes employees gel up with each other well and then gets carried forward helping the organization as a whole to grow smooth.

  • How is Work Culture Important?

A work culture defines the organization to its employees. It develops a sense of identification in them that generates a certain kind of belongingness with the organization which, in turn, helps them affirming their commitment towards the common goal and facilitates the processes.

It is also a standard setting tool that acts as a control mechanism which guides, shapes and controls the attitudes and behaviours of employees.

  • How is a Work Culture Created and Sustained?

For startups, creating a work culture actually is an ongoing process. The overall idea about it is first conceived by the founder of the organization, fulfilling the needs of which he builds his initial team to work with him. The team, now, are required to share the basic philosophy with the founder. Though the team members should be likeminded yet there should be a pinch of diversity. This diversity keeps the organization open to changes and does not let the very culture to be stagnant, thus helping it sustain the culture even when it expands with new people arriving in.

  • How should a Work Culture Be?

The work culture in a startup should imbibe certain critical points:

  • Interactive atmosphere should be encouraged. It creates a less formal environment that eliminates the unnecessary stress. Also, when individuals know each other well, a sense of mutual respect arises that keeps the team intact which is the most important thing for startups.
  • Predefined roles of the team members with a room to interdependence that makes way to mutual cooperation and ensures that no work stops. For a startup, it is very much essential to behave on these lines.
  • Virtues like dedication, self-motivation and punctuality should be smelt in the air. This speeds up the work and makes sure that the deadline is met for the projects. Startups need a fast pace.
  • The common goal is reached when the growth of both the employees and the organization are taken care of with right balance. Meeting both these needs is must for the success of a startup.

What to consider when building your startup team

Are you a new business? Want to grow big? Looking for the ways for steady growth? …

These are the questions which must be coming to your mind in order to make your startup grow at a fast, steady and smooth pace. This pace is directly proportional to the quality of human capital invested in the company. The Human Capital, for any startup, is the most significant asset and thus it is quite important to build the initial team as it sets the foundation directives for all the dimensions of the organization and its business. Let us briefly discuss the major factors which should be taken into consideration when building your startup team.

  • Diversity with Expertise

Building an effective and efficient team is a challenge to any budding business. The team members should be masters of their own fields of work. When there is expertise, there is quality ensured. Diversity refers to a mix of people as there are different roles for every individual. Here the Correct Mix is what needs to be ensured. This correct mix refers to the fact there should be a designate with expertise in each of the major fields like finance, technology, human resource, sales and marketing, business development and public relations.

  • Clarity of Mission and Vision

While building the startup team you must be very careful while recruiting suitable candidates. Their mindsets should comply with what the organization and its business are all about. If not appropriately taken care of at the very first stage, it may lead to serious damage. While selecting a person into your startup team you should convince yourself about his attitude and mannerism whether it would suit the goal of your business. The mission and vision of the organization should be imparted into the new team members at the very initial stage of induction. 

  • Work Culture

The startup team is responsible for what kind of work culture is developed inside the new organization which is carried forward by the newcomers. An ambiance is created by the initial team that makes the complete working atmosphere for anybody who joins in later. As human tendency is to show inertia against any changes to which it is habituated to, it becomes important to keep the working environment stress-free, workaholic, less formal and friendly. At a later stage, it adds to the reputation of the organization.

  • Specified Roles

Roles of each team member need to be well stated and pre-defined so that each person should feel responsible and accountable towards the work he is designated to do. This facilitates the processes and thus the performance. It helps a task to be completed within the time frame, again adding to the reputation of the organization in the market.

  • Interdependence and Correlation

Unlike the big companies there is less departmentalization in the startups. Functions are not much independent from each other and an employee, at times, may be required to perform a job of different nature if it demands to do so. The interdependence and correlation of the roles should be clearly known to every individual and one should be flexible enough towards this as a team member.

All these things are taken into account while planning the startup business. As a budding business it is advisable and appreciable to seek assistance for the purpose of team building from such experienced consultancy service providers. A holistic approach that covers all the points mentioned above should be followed while team building for a startup.

For those, who I live in some bits, within me…

Whenever you feel like remembering the times spent with your best friends, you can try one of these:

1) Have some “chaat” at the roadside.
2) Switch off the lights and watch some movie on your laptop.
3) Before falling asleep, give a try to talk about something.
4) Have some “maggi”.
5) Recall your worst time.
6) Recall your best time.
7) Browse through your mark-sheets.
8) Flip through the last pages of your old note-books.
9) Just look at the emptiness at your right and at your left.
10) Visit some mall, alone.
11) Visit some historical place.
12) Go for shopping.
13) Go for a bike ride.
14) Roam around in some local bus.
15) Go to a restaurant for a meal or just for a tea.
16) Think of discussing about your dream girl /boy.
17) Visit some park.
18) Start planning your career.
19) Do anything mischievous.
20) Walk towards anywhere your legs take you.
21) Just contemplate about the distinguished selves of yours.

They will certainly make you feel very alone. Well, this is what is the motive. Some people are so special in your life that the best way to remember them is missing them. 🙂 🙂

Freindship : Being My Being

Very often I find people saying “He/She is just a friend”. It makes me retort saying that a friend cannot be  “just a friend”. This is because we don’t actually understand what it is and takes to be a friend and keep it mixing with the phenomenon of knowing people. We must realize that there is a huge gap between friendship and knowingness. The concept of relationships is like a layered structure. When a person enters your life, it is the lowest level of knowingness which gradually develops with the course of time. Levels go up and reach the fine line of  intimacy beyond which there keeps glowing with its full intensity and highly adorable virtues the beautiful FRIENDSHIP.. 🙂  But most of us do not or rather do not want to realize this basic linguistic fact that if we pay respect to someone, we address him/her as brother/sister. This is just to reflect a gesture of our sense of respect to that person which never means that we count him/her in our family and this is quite understandable.

On the contrary, When it comes to the word friend, we become totally ignorant of this very fact that we have to call all our known ones as friends just to respect them or to make them feel important which does not actually make them our friends. We must remember that this is a mere linguistic gesticulation of conveying somebody that he/she is important at that particular moment. Relationships have different designations and friendship is one of those which could be attained after so many promotions. This is a common practice to address people with the words that show closeness to some levels up they are standing. A crowd is never a friend. Dictionaries have distinguished words for those distinct relationships. Friendship has its own heights and depths.

Thoughts flooding through my mind. Feelings make us write less. Can’t write what and what I wanted to. So just these few lines today :
Friendship and friend are not just nouns. They carry a sense of adjectives and adverbs. They provide a diet to the soul. They nourish our persona. They qualify us to be called a social species. They glorify our aura. They make our entity complete. They never betray. They establish the greatest principles of devotion and sacrifice. They are to be felt and practiced. They let a being be its being.

Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day!!
🙂 🙂 🙂




English In India : A Brief Analysis

Hello friends. Please mark your lazy friend’s presence after five months. (I suppose it would be a happy line to start with this post. ;)) I went a bit informal, no?

As the title reflects, this post is going to deal with the condition and development of English in India since its arrival in the subcontinent. It has undergone so many changes as the generations kept changing. That we read in the English literature of those times is so very much different from what we write or speak today. As far as India is concerned, English has become easier for us now as slowly, but steadily, it has established a bonding with the native Indian languages by inheriting their words, thus making its speakers more comfortable with it. Eventually, it has become a global language, or international language as they say it. In this light of the worldwide exposure and use of English we are to understand ups and downs it had to face to attain the position it is on today.

English is indeed a beautiful language in its essence but linguistically it is not to be considered a very good one. The problem lies in its alphabetical order, less sounds, poor phonological concepts, lack of tenses (forms of verb), unnecessary tongue twisting mechanisms of pronunciation, unparallel pronunciations and having very less of its own content. All in all, it turns out to be a language which is basically made up of exceptions in itself. I take them up one by one. Firstly, it does not have a properly arranged set of alphabets which is like a denture for every language. Therefore it makes it tough to laugh open and out in English in non English speaker countries. Secondly, it has insufficient sounds and the letters that are required to produce them, adding to make it unnecessarily complicated. Thirdly, it does not deal with the spellings and phonetics in a smooth manner as there are very many exceptions which I need not mention here as examples. Fourthly, sounds are not pronounced uniformly in different spellings of same order and structure. Fifthly, there are lesser forms of verbs available making sentences bulkier. Sixthly, unnecessary tongue twisting mechanism in the pronunciation of the native speakers is a significant cause of deterioration of English. One can argue that this is what beautifies English. That is true. But when this language crossed the boundaries of the United Kingdom, it had to be mingled with the regional dictions as they were not the native speakers and in this particular aspect English is not so flexible to have those provisions in its linguistic definitive sets that without getting its beauty damaged, it could digest those regional accents. So for this very reason, the kernel of English has been ruined for several hundred years. Seventhly, it has inadequate original content. A considerable part of English vocabulary is inherited from other languages such as Latin and Greek. French, German and Spanish words are also found in the dictionaries. Even Hindi and Urdu have successfully and unavoidably penetrated into them to mark their symbolic presence as the non native speakers’ languages who, now, have started using English in their respective routine lives.

Some of the above stated reasons need to be explained. A language does never spread with its grammar and phonetics only. It travels along with its speakers who carry their origins, cultures, life styles, histories and fashion statements with them. Therefore, in the context of English here, we can notice that English speakers are better pretenders. The poverty of the first kind mentioned above tries to veil its face behind highly pretentious body language of the speakers and it clarifies the sixth kind of poverty also. Unnecessary tongue twisting points out to the superiority complex of the British which is well known to the world in the form of Anglo-French wars for the monarchy of England had a tendency to impose itself over its surroundings and what could be a better tool than a language for this purpose. This is why Scottish people do not like the Queen’s Language. So for the British, English acted as a disguised weapon and they unknowingly made use of it to present them as the most tactful managers.

The seventh point also needs an explanation as it can be misinterpreted. Accepting words from other languages is mandatory in a language’s journey along the forward-only periphery of time. And, it is good to adapt the words accordingly. If a language is too viscous, it stands still. It cannot move any further. It must be mobile enough to survive as the society changes with time. It must meet the demands of the region in which it is to be spoken, hence allowing the alien words in its own domain and getting mingled with that peculiar tonal quality of the specific region. Here, English has performed appreciably well. But simultaneously, it is having a deep routed problem related to its origin. It gives a sense of a derived language. Sometimes it is felt that it is a combination of deformed (or modified) Greek and Latin. The same relates again to the very first issue discussed above, that explains the denture-thing. Thus here, this point makes it clear that its foundation was too weak to sustain itself. The only reason of its widespread is the supremacy of the British during the imperial era.

Now comes the point of influence of mother tongues or regional languages. One of the most unscientific languages of the world must face and tolerate this in order to get more unscientific as this is the very essence this language has been carrying all through its voyages from Yorkshire to New York, from Wales to New South Wales and most importantly from the banks of the Thames to the delta of the Ganga which inevitably affected the content it brought as there has been more amount of the intellect needed to interpret the knowledge in the Indian nation ever since. So it was resisted here. Eventually, due to the collective effects of the imperialism, it was accepted; resistance still kept on. The tragedy of English today is that it is undergoing a phase which a language does when it contaminates some other language, and through the contact between the two for this, the process essentially gets reciprocated. It just goes this way. We can never figure out a perfect point on the timeline for when these changes occurred. Thus, for this very reason English is facing almost same problems around the globe and it will have to all though.

One more point which is not to be missed here is that some people suggest standardize the spoken English to prevent its deformation from region to region. But the spoken form of any language is not to be standardized. In fact, it should and could never be as it is through this form that a language keeps developing accordingly. In linguistic terms imported words do not work for long. In order to work and grow they need to be localized. It makes a language wealthier, provided it does not threatens the originality of the language. It is a fast process which acts as a catalyst for the same in the written form which is comparatively slow. If this law is not followed, a language dies as it happened for many thousand languages of the African continent.

Semantically and syntactically, it is undoubtedly a  wonderful language which attracts one and makes one enjoy its beauty. English knows how to develop different tastes as the time change, thus making itself more conciliatory and pliable to help itself grow and spread faster. Indians, being the appreciators of the content, welcomed one more alien language as that of their very own.

The Essence Of A Language

Hello all!

It was not at all good to stay away for this long in the beginning. But every work has to be done as per the priority order. Well, I am writing this post just after having a telephonic conversation with a friend of mine which was about the complexity of the language in the literature as we do not use proper form of linguistics in our routine lives trying to cut it short all the time. I am mere 21 right now. (Not too old, I suppose.)  But eventually, I have been noticing Oh My God turning into OMG and gradually, it has become OMFG. I really find it very rubbish. What a disgraceful acknowledgement to the languages that rectify our personalities for the betterment! We are unnecessarily making acronyms on a regular basis and the funniest part is that we are doing it all aware. Most of the people I have talked to do not find any problem in this practice. They are all okay with this and they do not dissemble over the issue.

The youth today is least interested in this matter of fact that we are destroying the science and the beauty of the linguistics by doing so. When talked about, they draft it as a frivolous subject declaring the intellectuals concerned fussy about every related thing. Modification of the language by the course of time is one thing and destroying its dish is another. I agree that a language needs not to be too viscous to any new adaptations in order to sustain itself. But simultaneously we must not allow it to lose its originality.

As a language travels around the globe, it is not the same structural set of the grammar that reaches back to its homeland. Movies from all over the world are the best examples. People with different methods of tongue-twisting pronounce the same language a different way. This is acceptable as it nourishes the very language and the originality is not lost.

One more thing that plays a significant role to feel the essence of a language is its vocabulary. Many of my friends use to say that why to bone up on new words when they would be rarely using them. True. But, the same friends find themselves in serious trouble while reading even a newspaper or a just another technical textbook, thus proving the substance of their statement.

And now comes a major part; i.e. phonetics and word stress. People, generally, do not pay attention to the correct pronunciation of the words and this sometimes may lead them to problems. Many a times they do not get offered a job meant for them due to poor pronunciation. We need to understand the relevance of this part in accordance with the prevention of a language’s originality. It can be as a solution to this. Correct pronunciation helps a language to adapt itself to different accents with a relative ease and it welcomes new modifications as required.

A language does not feel threatened when spoken correctly and not shortened culpably, and feels protected when regarded with its ascribable pride.

Blogging..?? Oh, yeah..!!

It sounds good to my eardrums when I say to myself that I am going to blog again. To delete five distinguished blogs after getting them hacked was, really, not this good to me. Well, why to think of the dinner that tasted so bad? Let us move ahead. And so, I am here again, with a fresh air inside my lungs. Oh! I just exhaled. 😦 😛 😀 😦

Anyways, no roaming in the streets of past any more. I left blogger after having a great dissatisfaction and a very bitter experience in blogging, I was in no mood to blog again. But there were two factors that brought me back to this amazing world of expression. First, writing is an addiction to me. Though I do not prefer to post my poetic compositions here now, yet I just cannot resist to express myself to the world when I am provided with this wonderful tool of internet. Second, I wanted an option to the blogger and I got to the wordpress which I found to be more prestigious as well. Therefore it was becoming tougher for me to keep away from blogging.

I feel that a blog is turning out to be a very interactive tool to find like minded peoples and individuals round the globe. It has evolved as a substitute to the traditional combination of a paper and a pen or a book and its feedback. Moreover, its very quick to have an exchange of ideas in a creative and productive manner when one begins to familiarize with it. Writing makes me enjoy. Language makes me enjoy. And, blogging makes me feel this joy as I can know here the way I am read.

I remember my school days when my linguistic skills were praised. But now everyone tells to get professional and the definition varies from person to person. Here, people know different languages as they know the different ways to behave diplomatically. The pride of linguistics, here, lies in pronouncing oh as owh only. I am, now, told that language is nothing but a mere tool to convey ourselves to others. But, the form of a language I am familiar with is that of a life style. I respect the linguistics this way. I consider it the best form of science man has ever discovered. Languages define the style statements of their respective civilizations. They produce and continue to reproduce the generations of cultures and societies they belong to. The beauty of a language must be taken care of as that of an infant. We must understand that language destroys who try to destroy it as the definition and explanation of this very noun is not confined to the vibrations of sounds that are generated by our vocal cords only. Instead, it includes the record of every second of our daily routine life. And thus, it has the power to carry us where we may or may not want. It can encode and decode our personalities as well; hence proving that language is modem.

Its almost more than an hour since I started. I am happy again. Thank you WordPress.

Heya! I inhaled again…!!

🙂 🙂
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